Silent But Deadly high performance Flemish twist bow strings
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8 to 10 Strand

High Performance

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"What Customers Say About Our SBD Strings"



Thanks for making our custom strings for our bows. They are some of
the best made and performing I have ever used. The quality shows in every
string I have got from you and Jean Pierre. Thanks, Bob"

---Bob Morrison

Morrison Archery, LLC



"The SBD string is very impressive and I definitely think we should offer them as an alternative option - especially on our lighter-weight bows. Good stuff ! "

----John Havard

A&H Archery


"I have found SBD Strings to be top quality, high performance strings. Not only are the strings great, but the people building them are too.. Pierre and Jean Pierre are great to work with."

---Brian Wessel
TallTines Traditional Archery


"To say SBD Bowstrings have really impressed me is an understatement. I find them very stable, greatly reducing the stretching and twisting I used to have to endure with a new string. The attention to detail is readily evident and they shoot fantastic. If you want to maximize bow performance while minimizing shock and noise, here is your string. I am so pleased with them I now recommend them as replacement strings for our Firefly Bow customers."

Tim Harms
Braveheart Archery



"YEP! Darn fine strings!"

Bill Dunn
Zipper Bows



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SBD Bow Strings "...not just another bow string..."