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With a passion for traditional archery and the outdoors for over 50 years I have been blessed to have a wonderful wife, daughter and son to share it with. We are a family owned and operated company with simple values and high morale character and we still believe that customer service and quality products are the most important aspect of a business. We pride our self with excellent customer communication and we always make sure that our customer is 100% satisfied and we give you our word which is our guarantee.

Jean-Pierre and I have a very successful shooting background in 1000 yard IBS Long Range Rifle shooting competition. It all started in 2004 when Jean-Pierre was 9 and he entered his first match with me, “The .308 1000 yard Challenge” and he and I came home with 1st place honors. Jean-Pierre was the #1 ranked 2006 1000 yard IBS Long Range Junior Shooter in the Nation, 2006 Overall Heavy Gun Virginia 1000 Yard State Champion, 2 Gun Grand Overall 1000yd IBS Ohio State Champion, the 2007 World Open Long Range Championships Top Junior Shooter in the Light Gun Class and holds numerous score and group records all by the age of 13. At the age of 15 Jean-Pierre is still setting records and giving all the veterans of the sport a run for their money.

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As coach and father of the team, not to be out done by Jean-Pierre, 2004 and 2005 "308 1000 yards Challenge Champion", at the 2008 World Open Long Range Championships I placed 2nd in Heavy Gun Score and 4th overall, 2nd in the Light Gun Group Class at the 2007 1000yd IBS National Championships held at Quantico Marine Base, was the 2006 Virginia  1000yd Benchrest Light Gun State Score Champion, 2006 Virginia 1000yd Benchrest Light Gun Overall Champion and Light Gun Score Champion, the 2006 Thunder Valley Rifle Club Overall Light Gun Champion, 2006 Light Gun Group Champion and 2006 Light Gun Score Champion and hold numerous records including a new IBS 10 match score World Record at Thunder Valley Rifle Club in 2006 which still stands today.  Jean-Pierre's new goal is to break my World Record.

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Our long range shooting passion is only surpassed by our love for traditional archery.  We have taken all the knowledge, experience, and technology that we have learned from our shooting background and applied it to our strings and we believe we have crafted the best traditional bow string for the traditional bow hunter.










Thank You and God Bless,

Pierre and Jean-Pierre


SBD Bow Strings "...not just another bow string..."